Owning a hot tub is like having a personal hot spring vacation right in your comfort zone, for perfect relaxing and easing of sore muscles and joints after a stressful day at work. Making a decision in purchasing your own hydrotherapy massage tub, choosing the right one is a bit difficult task with so many options on the market. This guide will provide an informed and confident purchase when buying a hot tub.


    • The safety of the hot tub: Safety is the first thing that is considered by every buyer when purchasing a new product from the market. In buying a hot tub, the temperature of the tub is considered because it is what it requires making the water warm and enjoyable for relaxation. The temperature range require for the hot tub is from 100°F to 102°F, which is considered by most users; moreover, others prefer the maximum and recommended temperature for the tub which is 104°F.
    • The Therapeutic purpose: Most Hot tubs come with powerful hydro jets that provide therapeutic massages such as treating of sore muscles, joint and pain symptoms, so before using these hot tub you will be asked to see a physician or therapist if this will be the right treatment. You have to make sure that it comes with the best Air bubble jets and also built-in fitness equipment.
    • How will the Hot tub be used: If considering using the hot tub on a daily basis, then a close attention needs to be paid on the energy level; considering the fact that it will be idle for weeks, and attention is a need for its standby power used to make sure that it does get damage.
    • The right position of the tub: Most Hot tubs purchase are usually used either outdoors or indoors and in a well-ventilated environment, this depends on the climatic condition at that particular time. The surface for keeping it and voltage outlet for the tub is also checked by the buyer.
    • Capacity: Making a decision for the right of person’s using the tub, this is because some tubs can carry 4 persons as minimum and maximum of 6 persons. So this is important when choosing a tub to buy and is of great benefits to most buyers.
    • Must have features and Height: There is a different tub in the market with great and unique features so most buyers prefer what type of feature they want and that will suit them. Height is also an important factor to consider too this is because of the sitting position in the tub. Short persons are required to sit on the edge of the tub seat while tall persons are required to submerge a bit into the tub. A test on the tub in person with respect to height is required by most users when the water is filled.
    • Budget: Settling for the least expensive tub which is about a $1,000 or has to settle for the inflatable hot tub which is the least expensive model and more durable. Having a bigger budget then you can go to the above the ground Spa, which helps in improving the home value.


There are features to look for when making a plan to buy a hot tub guide and they include the following;

    • Adjustable Air Bubble Jets: This is one of the key features of the hot tub as it provides the strength and direction of the water jets, which gives pressure to the water in the tub.
    • Heating System: This is important because it provides the required temperature for the hot tub. And also make sure that the heater gives a full transformation of heat generated in the water to keep it warm. Checking the amount of heat loss during use and in standby mode is also necessary.
    • Durability and Strength: This brings about comfort when using the hot, and must be made up of well sophisticated and durable materials such as thermal plastic, thick wood, stainless steel, and polyester materials, which brings about the sturdy and comfortable.
    • Insulation Pattern: A better insulation pattern required for the hot tub is the full foam insulation which is best in providing slow heat loss, supporting the tub and a better sound-proof.
    • A secured Cover: A secure cover prevents the heat loss and also prevents micro-organisms from entering the water. It should be tight and have well-sealed hinges to perform its high-quality function.
    • Warranty Coverage: A good warranty that would cover the product is important because it will give a guide on how long the product will last and also repairs of the product if needed.
    • Good Design: Design is an important factor when choosing a hot tub, this because most hot tubs are permanent fixtures and some are moveable with good shapes and color.
    • Maintenance system: Maintenance is important in any machine as this will prolong the life the span of the machine. Using quality filter cartridges which can reduce the time for heating up and cleaning up processes and also chemicals in maintaining the hot tub.


    • Choose a dealer wise and make a direct contact with them and also know their price. Find out if they have a better customer care service.
    • Run a wet test to find out if the tub is suitable for your needs and service, by making a full on the seat and water jets.
    • Applying negotiating skills by comparing prices from different dealers with the best that suits your budget.
    • Put every negotiating deals in writing when making a contract to buy hot tubs and list all details that it came with for reference purpose.


There are a lot of choices and options to be made when buying a hot tub that suits your lifestyle and has perfected. There are four types of hot tubs which include its rich features;

    • Portable Hot Tubs: These are being chosen by many people and has a self-contained unit, which has the feature of a permanent hub and can be moved from one place to another. It comes with various shapes and sizes, and aesthetically pleasing surrounds.
    • Portable Spas Tub; they are more often friendly and can fit into limited spaces, they offer good comfort and convenience for its portability. They come in various sizes, shape, color and configuration that you can ever imagine off, and more budget friendly than the permanent tubs.
    • Inflatable soft hot tubs; this tub is easier to move because of its lightweight and is more portable and comes deflated by default when bought. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. It comes with an accompanying motor, hose, heater, and can be placed anywhere that is level for use. It has easy access to transportation through doorways or stairways.
    • Soft Tubs; this is simple and easy tub to use and is been preferred by many buyers, provides many features of both portable and permanent tubs. It is easily movable and can be used either indoors or outdoors.


    • Hot tubs come in varieties of sizes, shapes, weight, and length ranging from round shapes, hexagonal shapes, rectangular shapes and square shapes. They vary in weight, which ranges from 32kg to 40kg, their length is from 27inch to 29inch in height, and also of different colors.


Hot tubs come with various accessories that make it function and work efficiently for consumer needs, and they include the following such as;

  • Basic Insulation, Blanket Insulation, and the Full-foam Insulation: These Insulation systems provide help in the control of the heating costs, comfort, and stability, and also gives a better insulation of heat under the water.
  • Filters and Chemicals: The filters are used in the filtration processes of the water in the tub, thereby making the water clear as crystal for use, while the chemicals are needed for the maintaining the water and purity level by killing of microorganisms in the water.
  • Digital control panel: This is the control switch that is used in the running of the hot tubs, it comes with an on and off switch, temperature regulation button, and a filter control button that helps the tub to run efficiently.
  • Installation DVD: Most of the hot tubs come with an installation manual and DVD, which provides easy installation for different products of the hot tub.
  • Pumps and Jets: The hot tubs come with Pumps and jets that provide the massage through its high efficiency in demand. The pumps provide water flow to the jets to give a better massage.


    The installations of hot tubs are usually done a strong level surface after which the tub is filled with water and thereafter put it in a convenient place that suits you. The location of the hot tub must be a place that is easily accessible and the tub must be able to pass through any doors, gates, and hallways. There is a great need of electrical requirement of reach within the location to power the tub. The tub uses a standard outlet plugins of 110Volts with a 12A and 60Hertz frequency.
    Care and maintenance need to be done either weekly or monthly basis based on usage, by changing the filters, running off good drainage, or chemicals used for sterilization of the water.
    Safety: Like swimming pools, Hot Tubs can be a drowning threat to kids, and always make sure that children are never left alone in the tub and always cover the tub tightly when not in use.


    If looking for a better therapeutic massage system, good relaxation, and comfort, then the Hot Tub is what you really need. Considering your needs rightly does a research and you can get all requirement here for the best review.


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